Fertilizer Spreaders

Fertilizer Spreaders

Fertilizer SpreadersFertilizer Spreaders, So Spring time is here and it’s time to get the grass to grow. If you are looking to get the best looking yard that you can then you really want to Fertilize your lawn. Like everything else grass needs to be fed as well to keep it healthy and green. For the most part there are two different types of fertilizers, inorganic and organic fertilizers which most prefer the organic. I’ll save going over the differences for another post as this is more about the spreaders.

There Are 2 Types of Fertilizer Spreaders

Like fertilizers there are also 2 categories types that the spreaders fall under. One being a PTO(Power Take Off) Spreader which means the spreader is connected to a tractors engine. PTO Spreaders can be turn on or off while in motion. The other type of spreader is a Manual Spreader also known as a Push or Pull-Behind Spreader. Manual Fertilizer Spreaders are powered by the movement of the wheels. There for when a manual fertilizer spreader is in motion it’s spreading fertilizer and only stops spreading when the spreaders movement stops.

Benefits of A PTO Fertilizer Spreader

PTO Fertilizer Spreaders in most cases are lager and can carry more fertilizer which can save you a good bit of time from loading more. Because they are powered by a tractors engine they also tend to have a better spreading mechanisms and more quality built. As mentioned earlier PTO spreaders can be turned off while still in motion this can save fertilizer around turns or when moving over areas that don’t require fertilizing . Of course by saving fertilizer you’ll be saving money and fertilizer can get very expensive. On the other end PTO Fertilizers can sometimes cost more to purchase.

Benefits of Manual Spreader

If you have a small area that you need to fertilize then you might want to look into the Manual Fertilizer Spreaders. Manual spreaders can a spreader that you walk behind and push or one that you attach to an ATV, small tractor, or even certain mowers. You’ll be able to get the smaller manual spreaders in tighter spots. Even though manual spreaders are powered by the motion of the wheels they do have a feed gate that can be closed to save fertilizer when not needed to spread. Of course it’s not as convenient as a PTO spreader if you are on a tractor.

Fertilizer Spreaders For Sale


Agrex Tractor PTO Fertilizer Spreader

PTO Fertilizer SpreaderThe Agrex fertilizer spreaders are built with high quality materials and components. Adjustable rotor blades helps control the amount of fertilizer despensed. There is a stabilizing bar in the hopper that strengthens the spreader as well as helps balance the weight load. This is a PTO driven spreader with a 3 point hitch hookup and working speeds from 3 – 16 mph.  Order Now

Farm Maxx S70 Pull Type Spreader

pull behind fertilizer spreaderThe S70 Fertilizer spreader can be pushed by hand with the T-handle, or towed behind any lawnmower, tractor, or ATV. With a 155 lb. capacity, it holds plenty of fertilizer or grass seed for small to medium sized lawns, and can be used for salt and sand (optional kit extra) to keep sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow. Order Now

Agrex Tractor PTO Fertilizer Spreader XA300

ptofertilizer spreaderAnother Agrex PTO Fertilizer spreader that is built to last. The steel components are first degreased, then varnished with espossidic powder and dried in an oven at more than 200 degrees C. The rotor blades can be adjusted to change the amount of seed or fertilizer thrown left or right. The center control lever allows for a 90-degree left or right spread pattern or a 180-degree pattern behind the tractor. The stabilizing bar in the middle of the hopper strengthens the spreader and distributes the weight of the load. The XA model has a metal hopper and is PTO driven (includes the PTO shaft) for your tractor category 1, 3 point hitch hookup. Order Now


Video on Fertilizer Spreader

Check out this video on Fertilizer Spreaders

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  • Earthwind says:

    Does semi hydroponics technique enable orchids to grow healthily? And why is it so, then? What are the scientific exanilatpons?|I am new and have never grown with hydroponics before. I have been studding them and a water culture system sounds like the easiest to get started on. Will tomatoes and peppers grow in a water culture setup or should I try something else?

  • Lora Wood says:

    Just looking at the Farm Maxx S70 Pull Type Spreader and been considering getting one of these as I like the idea that I can pull it with my 4 Wheeler. I’m wondering how much does it tilt when hooked up to an ATV and would that cause any clogs or hick-ups with the spreader?

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve own and use an Agrex PTO Fertilizer spreader for fertilizer and seed all the time and can say their products are solid and very dependable.

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