Garden Tractor Rake Attachment

Garden Tractor Rake Attachment

Garden Tractor Rake AttachmentA Garden tractor rake attachment can be a very resourceful attachment if you think about it. Lets start off with the basics, rake attachments are mainly used for removing leaves, roots, stones and tree debris. Mostly used by landscaper contractors, nurseries, park maintenance, forestry departments, cemeteries, beaches, recreation centers, and golf courses all of which use a garden tractor rake attachment on a weekly or even daily basis.

Uses For A Garden Tractor Rake Attachment

Other than the basic uses for a rake attachment you can grade out a gravel drive, use for back-filling, cleaning a yard of debris after a bad storm, cleaning trimming from an orchard, clearing snow drifts left over after a plow, even cleaning up dead grass.

Garden Rake Uses

As for uses for a garden there are a few handy ways to use a Garden Tractor Rake Attachment. One good use would be to make a seed bed, or perhaps you want to remove some of large clumps left over after plowing. Another good use is to mix materials such as fertilizer, or spreading topsoil.

Some tractor rakes come with a caster wheels option which can be used to regulate the working depth of the rake and sort of float it to prevent digging too deep.

Garden Tractor Rake Attachments For Sale

EA XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape Rake

EA XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape RakeAlso called Root Rakes, Rock Rakes, the XTreme Duty Landscape Rake is a great rake for compact tractors and for larger tractors. There are optional gauge wheels to help adjust the depth. Comes in 5, 6, and 7 foot models and quick hitch compatible. The tines are spring loaded to help prevent breaking and bending. Also included is a parking stand for the rake when not in use.
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EA Severe XTreme Duty Tractor Landscape Rake

EA Severe XTreme Duty Tractor Landscape RakeThe EA Severe XTreme Duty Landscape Rake is currently the best rake on the market with new and improved features such as a new quick hitch that is compatible for category I and II tractors. Now with 8 forward and reverse angle settings and a floating style hitch to get better performance with the gauge wheels.
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King Kutter 60″ XB Yard Rake

King Kutter 60 inch XB Yard RakeIf you are looking for something a little cheaper than the King Kutter XB Yard Rake is a good choice. This rake is great for sub-compact tractors and handles simple grading, leveling, lot maintenance, and seed bed prep work. Equipped with 5 forward and reverse settings for maximum flexibility and maneuverability makes raking jobs a lot easier. Weighing in at 191 lbs this rake features an adjustable stabilizer bar which allows the spring steel tines to be more or less rigid.
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How To Use a Landscape Rake

In this two part video Ted at Everything Attachments shows us methods on how to use a Landscape Rake.
Part 1

Part 2

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