How to Fertilize and Seed Your Garden

How To Fertilize and Seed Your Gardenhow to fertilize and seed your garden

So how to fertilize and seed your garden at the same time? With the Cole Planter 12 MX Single Row Planter you can fertilize and plant seeds at the same time, talk about killing two birds with one stone. Some could say this is the lazy persons way but lets be honest time waits for no one and saving time is always a good thing.

The Cole seed planter comes with 4 different seed plates and 4 gears for different types of seeds such as corn, beans, peas, okra, melons, and many more. The plates are based on different seed sizes so you’ll want to use the correct plate for the desired seed you wish to plant.


How Does The Seed Planter Work

seed planterAs you can see in the image the bucket closest to the tractor is the bucket that contains the seeds while the bucket in the back carries the fertilizer. The seed plate is designed to dispense seeds as the planter moves along the ground. The rotation of the back wheel turns the gears causing seeds to be inserted into the ground while fertilizer runs down a trough over the ground. The seed plates and gears are designed to allow for different size seeds and displacement in the ground.


Video Of The Seed Planter In Action

In this video which I’m proud to say that I helped Ted film shows the seed planter in action. In the video you can see the fertilizer going on top of the ground while the seeds are being buried. We tested out corn and okra. You can get a good view of how the planter works and see it in action. Be sure to check out!


Where To Buy A Seed Planter Online?

Of course I couldn’t close out this post with a link so if you are interested in a seed planter you came to the right place. Click Here for more info.



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  • Sabrina Warren says:

    Wow that looks like a super time saver. Sure beats doing it by hand. Wonder how the seed spread is and if it spreads differently for different types of seeds?

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