Making Gardening Hills

Making Gardening Hills

Gardening Bedder making gardening hillsMaking gardening hills has never been easier. It’s interesting to see what devices people can come up with to make life easier as in the case of making gardening hills. Back in the day a simple plow was used either one pulled by an animal or one used by manual labor both accomplishing the same task. Thanks to the minds of the modern times we have attachments such as the Garden Bedder.


Garden Bedder / Garden Hiller

The Garden Bedder also known as a Garden Hiller is a simple device that can do two things at the same time, tilling and plowing at the same time. So why use a garden bedder? Well to sum it up a garden bedder was designed for convenience. When planting a garden mid to large size  or any size for that matter you really want to plant your seeds in rows so you need to dig a seed bed which can be time consuming and hard if you are doing it manually and really difficult if the ground is hard. With a garden bedder the discs can create a small hill in the middle while the plow attachment can be used to create seed beds. You will be able to make a new seed bed with each pass saving you a great deal of time.


Garden Bedder Video

Check out this video about How To User Your Garden Bedder from Everything Attachments


Garden Bedders for Sale

Garden Bedder GB50 Deluxe model Garden Bedder GB50 Deluxe model

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Garden Bedder 50″ GB50 with L-shape stems, U-bolts, C-tines (Cultivator tines), and Sweeps. Optional furrowing attachment with shovel point available

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3 Point Hitch Garden Bedder GB50 3 Point Hitch Garden Bedder GB50

Tractor 3 Point Hitch Garden Bedder 48″ GB50 Optional furrowing attachment with shovel point available. This model is for small compact and subcompact tractors, and has standard width hitch pins and narrow width hitch pins for limited category 1, hitch.

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 Garden Bedder 60 Inch GB60 Economy  Garden Bedder 60 Inch GB60 Economy

This Garden Bedder is made to last, and features 14″ Bedding Discs, Sealed Ball Bearings to turn the discs. Another nice innovation is theSmooth Rounded Edges, Lots of room for garden bed width adjustment, and a newly designed disc stem bracket for maximum stability. The main bar that holds the disc mounts is 3/8″ thick steel and 5″ tall with a 2 1/4″ wrap around the bottom for strength. This will fit almost any tractors category 1 3 pt. hitch and is standard hitch and Quick Hitch compatible to a Speeco® Hitch or the John Deere™ IMatch™ hitch

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