Plow vs Tiller Tractor Attachments

Plows Vs Tiller Tractor Attachments

Plow Vs Tiller which is better to use when gardening? As you can assume most tractor attachments are built for specific purposes. The same goes for a Plow and a Tiller however over the years people have used them as they seem fit such as using a plow as a tiller.

Plow Vs TillerLets discuss the purpose of a Tiller also known as a Rotary tiller.  The tiller was designed for a number of different reasons but mainly to dig/loosen up soil and prevent soil packing to allow more water and air to seep into the ground. The Plow and Tiller’s main goal is to bring fresh nutrients to the surface they just go about it differently. The Plow digs up and turns over the soil on top of the furrows burying weeds and previous crop remains if any. Unlike a tiller a plow also digs trenches known as furrows where as a tiller does a better job at mixing up fresh soil with the old. The plow basically flips over the soil putting the new on top of the old and can cause the soil to pack more preventing it from getting as much water and air compared to ground that was tilled by a tiller.

Which is Better Plow or Tiller

So which is better? It depends on a number of things. Plows have been around for a long time and can work for most scenarios. Plows can take more time however they also cost a lot less. Tillers obviously cost more, take up more space, but they can save you a lot of time and perhaps fuel by limiting the number of passes you need to make. If the ground isn’t to rocky and hard tillers tend to do a better job on the hand if the ground is real hard or rocky you may be better off with a plow.


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