What is a Cultipacker?

What is a Cultipacker?

what is a cultipackerA cultipacker is a tractor attachment that is used for making a smooth firm seedbed by pressing down small stones into the soil, crush dirt clods and removes air pockets. By rolling over seed beds the soil is pressed around the seeds causing shallow seed placement and a good seed to soil contact.

Why Should I Use A Cultipacker?

Well Cultipacking can be very important when you are planting small-seeded crops like alfalfa, chicory, and clover because it ensures consistent seed-to-soil contact across the entire seedbed while minimizing the number of seeds that are planted too deeply. Because small seeds are not able to germinate and reach the surface if buried more than a quarter inch, cultipacking can help the seeds reach their full potential. For the most part small seeds like this normally only need to be firmly pressed into the soil.


How to use a Cultipacker

Here at Everything Attachments we made a video to explain about the features of our model of Cultipacker and how to use it. In this video you can see the cultipacker being used in action.


Cultipackers for sale

For a list of current cultipackers for sale online visit Cultipackers sales page.


Everything Attachments 48″ Cultipacker

  • E-Z Fold Skid Stands to prevent implement from rolling over
  • Category 1, 3 point hitch
  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Heavy duty construction from 3/8″ steel
  • 2″ axle with 15″ diameter wheels held by pillar block bearings.
  • Made in America
  • Click Here for details

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