What Is A Scarifier?

What is a Scarifier?

scarifierScarifier is a tool with spikes (shanks) or prongs used for breaking up matted vegetation in the surface of a lawn. Another common name for a scarifier is ripper.  This is a great tool for cutting through top soil and digging up weeds allowing more air and water to penetrate. In a way the scarifier is  a similar to cultivator and while a cultivator could be used as a ripper its not recommended. To use a cultivator as a scarifier could damage the cultivator as rippers are made to dig deeper into the soil and tear more up.


Best Time To Use A Scarifier

Well for the short answer is anytime you need to tear up soil. Preparing land to start a garden or resurface a field or lawn. A scarifier will break up hard top soil by digging deep into the ground an loosen up the soil for better seed growth.


Whats The Difference Between A Scarifier and A Cultivator

A Scarifier and a cultivator are very similar and very different as they both are designed to tear up land however they are made to tear up land in their own ways. A cultivator used c-tines that give them a spring like action when digging in the ground and aren’t as strong as the shanks on a scarifier. The shanks on a scarifier are crafted to dig deeper than the tines on a cultivator and while they can be adjusted to go higher or lower they can’t be adjusted to from side to side as a cultivator can. Cultivators are specially designed for use on a garden to dig up weeds and to avoid hurting crops. Yes can you can use a scarifier to dig up weeds in your garden if your crop rows are at the right distance between each other and you don’t set the shanks to dig too deep however you are better off using the right tool for the right job.


Scarifiers For Sale


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